Product Overview

Making service simple

A digital customer management system that can simplify your life, save you time and money and create a delightful customer experience.

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Make Care Simple

The Conpago Suite

Codesign your ultimate digital solution with us.

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The Powerful Engine Room

Conpago Admin Dashboard

Jump onto your admin dashboard to:

  • Connect with customers via private message, SMS, or broadcast
  • Publish curated audio and visual content
  • Share important documents
  • Manage events and facility bookings
  • Track requests from customers and their family members
  • Monitor customer feedback
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Customers’ “one stop shop”

The Customer App

Your branded app will become your customers’ “one stop shop”. Purpose-built for older people, the tablet and mobile-friendly app is here to empower customers and make their lives just that bit simpler. The app enables customers to:

  • Contact your customer support team
  • Chat with their community
  • Manage their events and appointments
  • View their unspent package funds
  • Request additional services
  • Provide feedback
  • Dive into their personalised content channel. All with the touch of a button
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Conpago appConpago app
Keep Loved Ones Connected

The Family App

Give customers’ loved ones absolute peace-of-mind and oversight of care with this simple-to-use app. Approved family members can:

  • View the latest video and image updates about their loved one
  • Access a full calendar view of their loved ones' upcoming care and support services
  • Receive appointment notifications
  • Request services on behalf of their loved one
  • Check in with them via private message
  • Communicate with customer support teams
  • Get full visibility on important documents
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Conpago app
Cloud-Based Platform

With Conpago you can:

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Streamline your business admin

Replace many systems with one and digitise manual processes to realise huge efficiencies and provide even better care – all while saving you time and money.


Centralise existing and prospective customer communication

Bring all customers' communications and interactions together into one secure trusted “source of truth” to keep everyone in the loop, even prospective customers.

Aged person with mobileChat Bubble on Conpago app from care worker named Harriet that says: Hello, how are you?Chat Bubble on Conpago app that says I'm fine now, thank you for asking Harriet!

Engage your customers with personalised digital content

Offer customers something more with content curated just for them.

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Transform your customer experience

Give customers and their loved ones total visibility over their services and support. Empower them to self-serve from the palm of their hand, giving back choice and control.

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Connect your existing software

Conpago seamlessly integrates with many leading care and client management software platforms.

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Why Conpago

What’s not to love?

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Connected systems

Codesign your configuration to complement existing systems and processes - bringing it all together to provide an efficient and comprehensive customer management platform.

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Ongoing support

Leverage our comprehensive training modules to get everyone off to the best start and know you can rely on our stellar ongoing support into the future.

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Loved by users

Simple, user-friendly, secure and focussed on care.

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Save time and money

The system basically pays for itself by bringing together all customer communications and streamlining service delivery processes so you can focus on what you do best - providing vital care and support.

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Made with love in Australia

Here for you with onshore data storage, developers and customer support

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