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Conpago at aged care home
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Conpago at aged care home
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the words: structure, frameworkthe words: action of binding together, fastening

It’s not a word you hear everyday, right? But this Latin term speaks to the core idea of our platform and uniquely reflects its purpose - to connect systems and provide the framework for care providers to bring together data and communications, simply and efficiently.

And this is all to enable the best possible care for older Australians. That’s been our mission since 2017, and we’ve come a long way since then.

Our Story

How it all began

The company’s mission is a personal one for the Founders...

Conpago helping people

Over the years they noticed their grandparents becoming distant with family and friends, especially when people moved interstate and overseas. The ever-changing technology they needed to connect seemed complicated, and the learning curve sometimes too steep.


Out of this the first incarnation of Conpago was born - a simple device used to connect families with older people when they made a cup of tea.

But that was just the beginning. As we became more involved in the aged care industry, we realised there was more to do. It evolved the old-fashioned way - by sitting down with people in the sector and listening to their problems, thoughts and ideas.

Conpago reporting demo

After countless conversations, skill-building through the Queensland University of Technology Robotics Accelerator program and a Royal Commission into Aged Care, we’ve grown and developed Conpago into an intuitive end-to-end digital care management system that’s constantly evolving to respond to the needs of older Australians and enabling the high-quality, personalised care they deserve.

Conpago being used

And we won’t be stopping there!


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